INURFASE MASSIVE: Portal of Illusion

16.12.2022 • 22.30 - 06.00
Bootshaus • Auenweg 173 • 51063 Köln

"The Shining faded while the darkness regained all control over the gloomy sphere, when suddenly a shimmering outline of an obscure stairway emerges in the vastness of the void.
Is lunacy controlling your mind or are you about to enter a gateway of hallucination?

A mystical voice whispers “Where energy is infinite, reality is a myth” and so the journey of Inurfase Massive continues in a Portal of Illusion." 🌄

Full line up:

Full line up: Miss K8, Andy The Core, The Dark Horror, Dither, Abaddon vs. Hard Effectz, Brainstorm vs Mixturez vs Flourian, Chaotic Hostility, Dr. Donk, Hysta, Levenkahn, Major Conspiracy, Manifest Destiny, Sakyra, Samynator, Unfused

Hosted by:

Tha Watcher

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